Organic Skin Wellness

Hydrated and Supple Skin

Remove all small face lines within 30 days. Achieve glowing and healthy skin by providing organic food to your skin. Our organic formulation helps you sustain a younger looking skin. A SOFT and SMOOTH SKIN that will make you look younger and more beautiful than ever. CERTIFIED ORGANIC BY ACO.


Organic Hair Wellness

Recovers damaged hair

Maintain your hair and scalp’s wellness Achieve a healthy and fine scalp in an organic way instead of using PEG and POLYMER-based products. Make your hair SILKY and SMOOTH! CERTIFIED ORGANIC BY ACO


Organic Body Wellness

Maintain a silky and smooth skin all over the body!

Succeed in achieving healthy skin while keeping it soft and smooth. Guaranteed to transform your skin to its optimal wellness. Protects the skin from any chemical damage and nourishes with organic food. Make your skin SOFT and SMOOTH! CERTIFIED ORGANIC BY ACO


Where is Harmony Harvest?


Harmony Harvest is located on the hilltop of Tasmania– the cleanest place in the world since it is pollution-free. Our water drops from the clouds are developed in the South Pole area. 

All different range of healing services were formulated by the gifted Natural Therapist, Ami Nakamura. We follow traditional herbal extraction methods from certified organic herbs such as organic chamomile, calendula, green tea, rosemary, peony, rosehip, etc.

 All of our organic range consists of herbal medicine to promote wellness for both hair and skin treatments.

Ami Nakamura and her passion for natural healing made her decide to run and build and organic Ayurvedic Health Retreat in Tasmania.

If you want to restore your vitality, prolong your life, maintain good health and beauty, it’s best to refrain from using chemical-based products and resort to natural products instead. The food we eat and the skin applications we perform always affects the health.

Always choose what’s good for your mind and body!

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